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Powerlong Office Consumable Manufacture CO.,Ltd website (hereinafter referred to as The Website), which is offered by Powerlong Office Consumable Manufacture CO.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Powerlong), please read the following clauses carefully before using The Website. Once you use The Website means you understand and accept the following clauses. If you don’t accept the clauses, please don’t use any information of The Website.

1.    Overview

Content on this site solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Copyright and other ownership statement in the contents, please respect and use legally. If content without copyright statement, it doesn’t means The Website has no ownership and no rights advocating, please respect the contents legal interest and use legally according to the principle in good faith. You may not in any way modify, reproduce, publicly display, publish or distribute these materials, or use them for any public or commercial purpose. Prohibited the use on any purpose of these information on other websites, print medium or network computer. The contents, edition etc all are protected by copyright law and other laws, any unauthorized use of the content on this site may constitute a copyright infringement and other legal rights. The trade mark, service trademark and LOGO (collectively” the trademark”) on The Website and other related links are registered or unregistered trademarks by Powerlong and other obliges. Your use of or access to any content on the site and should not be construed so as to grant you any right to use the trademark. Without prior written permission, you may not use our trademarks in any way. Unless with the prior written permission, prohibit any use of our trademarks for any links to the company Web site.

If you don’t accept or breach of the agreement, your authorization to use this site automatically terminates and you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content on this site.

2.    Information Release

Information on this site is provided as is, without any form of guarantee, including MERCHANTABILITY, fitness for a particular purpose, and lack of viruses or infringement of any intellectual property right. In

addition, the company does not guarantee that the information on the website of the accuracy, adequacy, reliability and integrity. Contents of this website or content described in these products (includes software), services, prices, configurations are subject to change without prior notice. The content in this site may have already expired, Powerlong does not promise to update them in a timely manner. Information published on this site may be in your local still can't get the product or service, you can contact your local sale department.

3.    Users’ submissions

Except the personal identifying information, all the other material, information or contact information (collectively “Information”) that you send to us will be regarded as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Powerlong doesn’t undertake any obligation to the information. At the same time, your submissions without a special declaration, can be regarded as consent or authorization, Powerlong and the authorized person can free duplicate, disclose, distribute, merge and use the information and all the datum, pictures, sounds, texts and other contents in any way for commercial or non-commercial purpose. Your use of The Website can not violate laws and regulations and public moralities; Cannot send to or from this site posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening national and/or public safety or other possible illegal information. If someone offer the evidential warning and objection about the contents and its affection, The Website have the right to delete information freely or unlimited suspension of the information online browsering, without prior consent of the submitter, and have no obligation to inform the submitter after the event. In serious condition, measure as taking off of the user of this site can be adapted. The personal identification information you submitted for receiving products and service will be used or treated according to Powerlong’s privacy policy.

4.    Personal data disclosure

The Website take the reasonable security methods to protect users’ personal information provided by user, without prior permission from the user, we will not provide users’ any information to any other unrelated third-party, except in the following circumstances.

(1) In accordance with the laws and administrative regulations, and authority upon request.

(2) Due to the users’ inappropriate information keeping, cause the nonpublic information leaked.

(3) Caused the material revealed, lost, stolen and tampered by network, hacker, computer virus and other reasons.

(4) In order to protect the rights or property of the users of this website.

(5) In case of emergency, to protect The Website and its users or public security.

(6) Other exceptional or emergency situation

5. The Website operation

Site suspended due to system maintenance or upgrading services, will announce beforehand.  If caused by the line and hardware failure out of- control of the company’s scope or other force majeure, any inconvenience and loss caused by this suspension, the site does not take any responsibility.

6.Links to the third-party website

The links from The Website to third-party website only as a convenience for you. If you use the links, you will leave this Website. Powerlong has not reviewed any third-party websites, does no control these website and its content, and so does not bear any responsibility for this. If you decide to visit any third-party websites and links to this site, you are responsible for all the results and risks that may exist.

7. Liability and disclaimer

Users of this site for violation of the provisions of this Declaration and violate People's Republic of China law, all the consequences beard by themselves, this site does not assume any responsibility. Log in The Website in any way or use our information directly and indirectly are regarded as accepting The Website declared regulations. The issue that doesn’t included in the statement, please refer to the national laws and regulations, if there is some conflicts between our statement and the national laws and regulations, then subject to the national laws and regulations. The Website will not responsible for the direct and indirect property, economy and other loss by any logging in, using, consulting or browsing The Website, and will not deal with any claim reimbursement, action and lawsuit.

8. General principle

Powerlong may modify these terms at any time. You may visit the page frequently to find out the current previsions, as these they are closely related to you. Certain provisions of these terms may be replaced by the clear and specified legal notices or clauses on some pages of The Website, you should know these contents, once accept the clause, it means you have read and accepted the quoted and replaced clauses.

9. The dispute caused by the statement or the use of The Website, settlement by the Law of the People's Republic of China  

10. Disputes arising out of this statement or the use of this site, and should be resolved through consultation and negotiation. In case the agreement cannot be reached, both parties agreed to submit the disputes to the court of” siming district court”.

11. Interpretation

The Website statement, modification, update and final interpretation are all belongs to The Powerlong Website.


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