• resin barcode carbon thermal ribbonTRA36
resin barcode carbon thermal ribbonTRA36

resin barcode carbon thermal ribbonTRA36

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resin barcode carbon thermal ribbonTRA36

Characteristics: high quality and high speed printing; abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high endurance quality; extensive label application, meet the severe environment; high sensitivity to assure the excellent printing effect; anti-static back coating to protect the printing head.

Application: severe environment: shipment label, warehouse label and receiving label; chemistry and drug; product and storage; production and property, motor car; nursery and wooden.

Substrates: PE, BOPP, PET, POLYIMIDE, Vinyl, Washer wrinkle fabric.


In order to guarantee the best performance, please use, transport and store the ribbons according to the following environment requirements.

Use environment: 5℃-35℃,45%-85%RH

Transport environment: -5℃-45℃,20%-85%RH, not more than 1 month

Storage environment: -5℃-40℃,20%-85% RH, not more than 1 year

Notice: expose the ribbon to the sun and the wet environment will damage the ribbon.

Ribbon sizes:

Basic width: (mm):40、50、60、70、80、90、110

Basic length: (m):100、300

Ink side: out/in

Ribbon core: 1”/0.5”

Notice: Can be customized ribbons with different size.


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