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  • thermal wax resin barcode carbon ribbonTMA22B
thermal wax resin barcode carbon ribbonTMA22B

thermal wax resin barcode carbon ribbonTMA22B

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  • barcode carbon ribbon
  • wax resin ribbon
  • thermal wax resin ribbon
  • Product description:

thermal wax resin barcode carbon ribbonTMA22B

Specific features:

abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, extensive label application; high resolution fit for printing standard and rotate barcode; meet different substrates requirements; high sensitivity to assure the excellent printing effect; anti-static back coating to protect the printing head.

Application: shipment label, warehouse label and receiving label; shell and packing label; delivery and address label; garment and fabric label; nursery and wooden.

Substrates: coated paper label and tag (thermal transfer paper, gloss paper), PE, BOPP, PET.


In order to guarantee the best performance, please use, transport and store the ribbons according to the following environment requirements.

Use environment: 5℃-35℃,45%-85%RH

Transport environment: -5℃-45℃,20%-85%RH, not more than 1 month

Storage environment: -5℃-40℃,20%-85% RH, not more than 1 year

Notice: expose the ribbon to the sun and the wet environment will damage the ribbon.

Ribbon sizes:

Basic width: (mm):40、50、60、70、80、90、110

Basic length: (m):100、300

Ink side: out/in

Ribbon core: 1”/0.5”

Notice: Can be customized ribbons with different size.


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